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Latest Active Tenders


The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of Tamil Nadu are listed here.

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S. No. e-Publish Date Closing Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
381 12-Jan-2019 29-Jan-2019 Construction of Compound wall in Government Arts and Science College at Sirkazhi in Nagapattinam District
44/2018-19/DB/D 4 / TEC / Date:08.01.2019
Chief Engineer,PWD (Building Construction & Maintenance Division),Chennai
382 12-Jan-2019 31-Jan-2019 Ed Vengambur tp IUDM 2018-19
Executive Officer,Town Panchayats Commissioner (CTP),Vengambudur
383 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Supply of Unskilled Workers at Zone-1 Area in Madurai Corporation (Part-I)
Mapo 1/Est. 311/2018-19 (2nd CALL)
Commissioner,Madurai City Municipal Corporation,Madurai
384 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Supply of Unskilled Workers at Zone-1 Pumping Station in Madurai Corporation.
Mapo 1/Est: 310/2018-19 (2nd CALL)
Commissioner,Madurai City Municipal Corporation,Madurai
385 12-Jan-2019 31-Jan-2019 Integrated Urban Development Scheme 2018-19 - Srimushnam Town Panchayat - Cuddalore District
Executive Officer,Town Panchayats Commissioner (CTP),Srimushnam
386 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Supply of Heavy Vehicle Driver at General Area in Madurai Corporation.
Mapo 1/Est. 302/2018-19 (2nd CALL)
Commissioner,Madurai City Municipal Corporation,Madurai
387 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Supply of Technical Assistant at Zone: 3 Area in Madurai Corporation.
Mapo 3/Est. 278/2018-19 (2nd CALL)
Commissioner,Madurai City Municipal Corporation,Madurai
388 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Supply of Unskilled Workers at Zone-3 Area in Madurai Corporation (Part-2)
Mapo 3/Est. 272/2018-19 (2nd CALL)
Commissioner,Madurai City Municipal Corporation,Madurai
389 12-Jan-2019 24-Jan-2019 Provision of Decorative External Electrical arrangements including High Mast, LED street Light with power main arrangements to the Eco Restoration of Paruthipattu lake, Avadi
16 PBC/2018-19/Dt.02.01.2019
SE PWD WRD,PWD (Water Resources Organisation),Chennai
General Manager,Tamil Nadu Coop Milk Producers Union Ltd.,,Viluppuram
391 12-Jan-2019 24-Jan-2019 Purchase of Silver Thread and Silver Wire
Tender 221 Jan 2019
Managing Director,Tamil Nadu Zari Limited (TNZARI),Kancheepuram
392 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Repair Works in pumping station madurai corporation
Ma.Po.5/Est: 014475 / 18-19
Commissioner,Madurai City Municipal Corporation,Madurai
393 12-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Providing Water supply Arrangements at Kurinchi nagar
E3/EST No:171/B/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
394 12-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Providing Additioal Equpments to the Kurinchi Nagar Park
E3/EST No:170/B/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
395 12-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Construction of Compoundwall and on site Compost Yard at Prakasam Nagar
E3/EST No:169/B/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
396 12-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Providing Electrical Arrangements and Water supply Arrangements to the Paraman Park
E3/EST No:168/B/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
397 12-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Maintanance and repairs to the School building at Kondalampatty Corporation Elementary school
E3/EST No:145/B/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
398 12-Jan-2019 23-Jan-2019 Hire Charges to Ex 110 Hydraulic Excavater Machine JCB Porclin and Tipper Lorry for DeSilting to the Odai
E3/EST No:139/WS/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
399 12-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Water Supply at Salem City Municipal Corporation
E2/EST No:138/WS/2018-2019
Commissioner,Salem City Municipal Corporation,Salem
400 12-Jan-2019 29-Jan-2019 GENERAL FUND 2018-2019
Executative Officer,Town Panchayats Commissioner (CTP),Mangadu
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