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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  What is the objective of eTendering?

The objective of the Tamil Nadu Transparency in Tender Act,  enacted in 1998 by the Government of Tamil Nadu,  was to ensure open and fair procedures while undertaking construction and procurement of goods and services by the Government and Governmental organisations.     

With a view to making the tendering process even more transparent, eTendering was proposed by the Finance Minister in the Budget Speech on 23rd March 2007. 

In the first phase of  the eTendering System,  tenderers will be able to download free of cost (GO MS. No.177 dt.22nd May 2007) the tender applications from this Tenders Tamil Nadu Portal,  without any hindrance, for open tenders of value exceeding Rs.10 lakhs.   

2.  What are the features available in Tenders Tamil Nadu Portal?

The tenderers can use the link 'Latest Tenders' to see all the tenders hosted on this Portal and download the Tender Schedules free of cost. 

The link 'Tenders by Closing Date' gives the facility to view the Tenders which are closing Today or closing within next 7 days or closing within next 14 days. 

The link Corrigendum lists all the corrigendums published for the related Tenders. 

The site also provides facility to search for tenders on various parameters such as Tenders based on value, department, product category, etc.

3.  How to download Tender documents?

For downloading the documents,  Tenderers will have to register with our Portal, which is free of  cost.   It is enough if you register once using your valid email account.  This will help us to keep you informed of Tender related messages which may be of interest to you.    You can use this registered account from any computer system for downloading Tender documents from our Tenders Tamil Nadu Portal. 

However, if you do not want to register immediately, you can use the guest account with the password tnguest and login to our site. 

4.  How do I get clarifications for any doubt regarding Tenders Tamil Nadu Portal?

You can send email to for getting clarifications for your doubts.




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